martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

Hi again

I haven’t posted much around here for many reasons. The first, the thought that no one will read this. But the fact that YOU are, already makes it worth it ;)

The second, I’ve been busy figuring some things out. Last year I released my very first piece of music. A 5-song-EP that I crafted with my hands, voice, and soul. That itself has been a dream come true. But (melodrama alert) after the dream came the nightmare, and I have learned a lot since then.

I thought the music was pretty good, so I focused all my energy on trying to get it heard (or even bought). Of course I had no idea of how complicated that was going to be. I’ll be honest, I’ve sold a dozen copies of my album (including my mom). Though I can count by thousands the plays via free online streaming, and that’s something.

I’ve also been very close to some interesting opportunities and made some connections that years ago I would have thought impossible. A guy that worked with Linkin Park listened to Happening and had a positive opinion about it, before adding that “it doesn’t sound like 2015”. Also, I almost got some radioplay both in the U.S. and Spain. Bummer that didn’t work out.

But the best thing that happened to me after release was obtaining mostly great feedback, which is awesome because there’s only one thing better than writing a song: having others enjoy it.

Well, all this just to tell you that I’ve decided to focus my energy on making new music. Because I want to and not because I'm hoping to reach millions of fans. Ok that would be cool too.

More on my new music soon. Meanwhile, here’s the first EP.

Esli - Lound

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