jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

Best reviews for Lound

And by “best”, I mean the ones that I love the most (even though I also like constructive criticism). About 20% of Reverbnation’s Crowd Reviews were between neutral and negative. The rest were all as awesome as the ones below. But just to make things clear, I’m not bragging. It's just a nice reminder that every musician needs: no matter what music you make, there are always going to be people that won’t love it. The goal is to find the ones that do.

“The sounds explode into my ear with awesomeness!”
“Every note melts my heart fully!”
“I've never heard this distinctive sound before”
“I found myself tapping to the beat of the song.”
“meaningful and tuneful lyrics”
“The melody is original and very memorable”
“catchy melody that 's easily stuck in your head”
“hear the soul of punk coming through in this great tune.”
“If I saw this on TV or heard it on the radio I would definitely buy it or look them up
“The intro music really draws you in and gets you into the song”
“it 's fun and it puts me in a good mood”

“I adore the singer's voice”
“It makes me want to rock out so badly”
“Very fun, high powered song”
“I'd download it for sure”
“It 's fun and exciting”
“keeps you on your toes and doesn't get boring”
“lyrics are very heart-warming and inspiring”
“this song blew me away”
“I was totally nodding my head along to this song”
“I will totally be looking these guys up!”
“definitely gets stuck in my head”
“The mixture of meaning and fun balance out very well”
“I would love to listen to this over and over again. The artist painted many pictures in
my mind. It made me feel all warm and cosy”
“I want to find out more about this band and album just from this track”

“I can envision myself taking a slow drive with this song playing loud”
“The instrumental bit about half way through was pure genius”
“I am definitely a fan”
“a band i'd like to hear more from.”
“The singer has a great, pleasing voice”
“First thing I thought was how great this song would be live”
“This was just uplifting and hearing it made my day brighter”
“The lyrics address common themes but in original ways”
“Loved, loved, loved this song! I think this song has the potential to hit pretty big.
Catchy, fun and upbeat”
“The music catches you instantly and pulls you in and the lyrics keep you in”
“Every step of this song is something new and incredible.”
“This is a song you hear when your turning the radio, have no clue as who or what it is,
then by the end of the song you glad that let it play; and then you find yourself wanting
to hear the song again”

“The vocals on this song gave me chills, the singer is obviously singing with a lot of
“This song is simply amazing.”
“Great variation in the melody. It never gets boring.”
“It sounds fun and exciting”
“it made me smile”
“The melody sticks in your head like sticky candy”
“The first time this song is heard the audience will be impressed.”
“The lyrics are breathtaking, inspiring and moving.”
“This band takes your ears through many sounds that you didn't think were possible.”
“The band chose an interesting sound giving the audience something that they are
unable to forget. This band does what it takes to instantly grab attention”
“the vocalist has a voice that is kept me engaged in the song”
“I can see lots of people buying this its really coool.”
“This song starts out good and gets better and better.”

“it makes me feel happy”
“good beat makes me want to move my feet”
“The singer has a great vocal tone and creates a sense of calmness among listeners.”
“Great intro that definitely keeps my attention”
“The vocals are beautiful and the lyrics are very catchy.”
“if the song came on the radio I would definitely turn up the volume.”
“The intro was awesome.”
“This makes me think of a warm summer night and something I would put on
regardless if I had a great night with a girl or had just gotten dumped.”
“This is the type of song I would love to hear on the radio stations and might even call
in to request.”
“I could listen to it over and over.”
“It got me swaying within the first ten seconds”
“Has a happy clappy feel to it that makes me want to hear it a few more times.”
“I already love this song! Great feel, love the guitar and the voice.”
“If I could rate it higher than a 10, I would!”


Pretty nice, huh? I'd give them all a big hug.

Esli - Lound

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