martes, 4 de agosto de 2015

Best reviews for Life Is Today

Well, the Crowd Reviews for the new EP came in yesterday, and they were pretty nice!

Of course there was room for constructive (and destructive) criticism. But for the most part, they were awesome! See some examples below.

Life is today

“Excellent electric guitar parts that made me turn up the volume. It has a catchy chorus, and the "whoa" melody got stuck in my head.”

“I could imagine myself at a concert where this is playing. Everyone is happily bobbing their heads as the sun sets. This gives me very positive emotions.”

“The beginning guitar was edgy and catchy and I found myself swaying the beat from the beginning. Lyrics were meaningful and deep without being predictable or repetitive.”

“This introduction is amazingly awesome. It's so catchy. Love this tune.”

“The instrumens were flawless, impressive, and everything flowed well together. The lyrics are good, touching, and heartwarming to say the least.”

“It gets better and better as the song progresses. I would be happy to listen over and over again.”

When you smile

“The beginning guitar was extremely smooth and hypnotizing. I immediately became interested.”

“It sounds like a summer morning, a day full of adventure waiting in front of you.”

“This song is the type of music you'd listen to on a rainy day or a midnight car ride because it'll make you feel like you're in a movie”

“I like this song very much. It makes me remember that special someone.”
“The opening immediately had my full attention. Then once the artist started singing, I had goose bumps. The melody is one that will stay in your head, and you can't help but sing or hum later on in the day. I feel like it should be better known and that the band deserves more recognition.”

“I felt myself smiling and nodding my head away to this song. Made me kind of happy and feel special, like it was made for me.”

And remember to forget

“The flow is so amazing and I loved it. The style is very creative with several transitions that keep it interesting.”

“The lyrics are incredible and hit home for me.”

“Cool Red Hot Chili Pepper intro that kicks in with a solid vocal. The vocalist has a unique voice that goes hand in hand with the guitars. Great chorus with spot on harmonies.”

“It has a 2000's vibe, like a Blink-182 song.”
“Instruments are splendid and the lyrics are amazing and come perfectly together with the music. This gets a solid 10/10.”
“All around really nice music piece, helped me recall my past and think about the good times with friends and loved ones.”

Esli - Lound

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